Our Vision & Mission

Our vision and Mission is to be a Church commissioned by God.  Our desire is to see the Holy Spirit be able to move as God wants and when He wants Him to move.  We believe the church should be a place of comfort and healing.  A place where your needs are met and no need is too great or too small.  A place of rest where the people can come to receive encouragement for their journey.  A place where miracles, signs and wonders occur every time we come together.  A place where we never limit God.  A place where communion is shared in remembrance of Him.  A place where the fruit is as evident as the gifts that is in use. A place where the weak become strong and the poor become rich, by the preaching of the Word.  A place where faith can be built up and restored. Where a fresh anointing takes place where the children are encouraged to go out and evangelize the world.  A place of repentance and where deliverance takes place.  Most of all, a place where the Holy Spirit will not just visit, but dwell.  A place where He has liberty and no one else is in control.  A place where time is not an interest or factor, only doing the will of God out of obeying the things of the Spirit.  A place for the sinner to find refuge.  A place where people seek after His face and turn from their wicked ways.  A place where there is unity among the brethren with one mind and that is to serve Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. A place where everybody is somebody and Jesus is Lord. A Church reaching the world for Christ with the message of love.  Our prayer and desire is to be that Church.

The New Holt Baptist Church Mission

New Holt Baptist Church mission is to provide a dynamic Bible-centered ministry with an evangelical thrust. Emphasizing:

Expository Bible Preaching

Our ministry is built on the belief that the Bible is the central focus and sole authority for the Christian faith.  We seek to explain the Scriptures in light of its original setting and to make those truths practical in today’s society.

Evangelistic Community Outreach

The Gospel should be proclaimed not only in words, but also in deeds. Therefore, we seek to minister to needy minds, hearts, souls, and bodies.

Empowering Christian Discipleship

Christianity is the most dynamic way of life that anyone can choose. We seek to encourage discipleship through personal accountability, retreats, and conferences that focus on nurturing personal intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Enlightening Family Instruction

Our ministry is committed to building up the family. We seek to do this by providing Spiritual guidance on every level.  We believe the family makes up the church and should be strengthened and equipped to carry out God’s will for the family.