Finance Committee

The Finance Committee will consist of the chairman of the deacons, treasurer, assistant treasurer, and three members of the church elected on a rotating basis, one new member to be elected annually.  The treasurer will serve as chairperson.

The purpose of the Finance Committee will:

  1. Prepare and recommend to the church an annual budget to be adopted before the beginning of each year.
  2. Administer the budget within the income of the church
  3. Recommend and administer the financial policies of the church.
  4. Assist the treasurer in financial matters pertaining to receiving and spending of funds and presenting reports to the church.
  5. See that the correct procedures are followed by all persons involved in the giving and expenditure of money.
  6. Allocate funds as necessary to finance the programs of the church as directed by its members.
  7. Encourage a sense of stewardship among church members
  8. Review the treasurers reports annually.


Responsibilities of the Chairperson

  1. Oversee committee, assign duties and chair monthly meeting.
  2. Communicate to congregation as necessary
  3. Attend and report to Church Council Meeting